Ministry Coordinators

  • kendra shock //  Hyphen Coordinator

    Kendra Shock was born and raised in Alexandria, LA. She currently serves as a Student Pastor of a tri-church network in Covington, LA, as well as the Hyphen Director for Louisiana District Youth Ministries. Along with her passion for foreign missions, she is very passionate about the millennial generation being activated in the local church. She is an avid reader, coffee drinker, and will probably be in youth ministry until she is 89 years old.

  • taylor fairbanks // CMI coordinator

    Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Taylor is now a student pastor in West Monroe, LA at Living Way Apostolic Church. He loves to meet new people and even more, he loves to meet new Little Debbie cakes. the Kingdom is his passion and creating anything promoting the Kingdom is his hobby.

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